Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Moyra's wormery update

The Wormery is housed in the greenhouse which resides in permanent shade. The worms do not settle well in the enclosed shed. They seem to want to escape and l don't quite trust them entirely to the open air.
Although it is placed on sand. Perhaps that's what keeps them in.
A few leaves remain on top. All the compost has gone from this layer.
.....and apparently has been transformed into fine textured grainy worm droppings.
I dig both hands gently through it to release the worms....
And separate them in twos and threes- it's easier without gloves and in fact l love the feel of them on my bare hands. They are not slimed in the least.
Close up of casts. No soil or compost remains on close inspection. My worms must have been ready to exodus across the sand.
This too is lovely to sift through with bare hands. There are eggs in here.
Harvested poo into container.
This is all that's left of my enormous leaf pile (photo on Autumn newsletter). I am using some of interior mushy stuff for worm food....
And some of this years compost. Food waste in the form of bokashi waste mixed with soil has been filtered through well cut up compost and grass cuttings. This method of feeding waste food is fester proof. Worms seem to enjoy it.
So leaves in one and raw compost in the other on top of the worms.
Then place the leaves on top of the compost. so. I realise that what I have done here sort of breaks the rules (waste reduction ethos etc) however l manage tojustify it. One, l am so fearful of killing my charges with noxious gases from rotting food. This way l reason that the rotting is simply done in advance .Two, if l go awayfor any length of time, and l do often, l can leave them unsupervised.
Last thing a proud label needed.
And I am done.

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